Etched in the Parisian nightlife was the 3rd March, 2012 with the big comeback of So French Records label!

Away from the scene for 3 years, as their last show was in 2009 at Le Louvre, the famous label just brought music lovers together for a great party at the “Folie’s” in Pigalle.

The team offered a first-rate line-up, among others Mackie and his scantily dressed dancers who peppered the party with their enticing choregraphies.

The show begins with Michele Butyreux’s act, an artist come especially from Italy. His pieces combine the harmony of the violin with the accuracy of the keyboard. “The Italian Chef” makes the audience smile and gives the event a wide opening.

No Kiss with Gloss takes over and the fans become hysterical. They play a double act with Raphäl Yem, a journalist, a host and a columnist for MTV. No Kiss with Gloss set is pure electronic music, a true love affair with both their fans and the neophytes. Its blatant energy gets you going, the tones of the synthesizer are simply ear-piercing shells. But it’s only a foretaste of the phenomenal clash (c’est un choc dans le sens choc des cultures , des passions…) we are about to experience.

It’s now up to Big Dope P to lead the procession, his set as precious as a musical nugget, based on electro- hop and filtered house variations. His style is indefinable, it’s simply Big Dopeal and pounding through the Folie’s.

And now come the “REVOLTE”. Their masked faces drag the audience armed with cameras and smartphones up to the scene.  There is a general agreement about the wonderful  performance  of these 2 “revolted”, their sound is cracking like a whip, their music is hammering thanks to some exclusive pieces and a magnificent Miss Wonder spices up the end of the set by singing “I like it” a cappella.

The next act is Bestrack’s and it electrifies the dance floor. The man with the bonnet has an unmistakable electro sound which is a smash hit.
At about 5 in the morning, Mac Stanton, the label manager, puts the party to an end. His final highly-polished, well structured live piece is sustained by heavy tones highlighted by the French Touch spirit, theme of the party. It accompanies the night owls still dancing and the sunrise.

At 6 o’clock, the So French Party at the Folie’s is over. The night of March 3rd has been an unforgettable one.

No doubt the label’s come-back will be much talked about!

So French Records would like to thank Saru for designing the handouts, the staff of the Folie’s, bartenders, bouncers, sound and light directors, as well as Chris Vallée, Antoine Sorel (Keep It Crazy Productions), Electro News, WDEF, BF2D, Electro Italia & Stop The Noise !