Musicien: Sedat the Turkish Avenger aka Sedat Erdogan
Nationalité: Belge
Style Musical: House Filtrée, House Music, R&B
Label: Crydamoure, Street Nostal’ Freak, Work it Baby, Vulture
Date: 17/10/2008
Interviewer: DaftSide aka Ludovic Carminati
Designer: Pixel Hunter


Originaly turkish but born and raised in Belgium « Sedat the Turkish Avenger » aka Billy Lo is one of the most remarked talents among european Dj/producers/remixers. He started producing Hip Hop in the early 90’s, he began experimenting house tracks in the late 90’s, inspired by Chicago Flava and later by French house. This meticulous hard worker interrested by sensual funk vibes and ruff swingin beats found the good way between energy, sentimentality and his flavored spices which make the character of all these pieces. … EN SAVOIR PLUS

Interview exclu French Touch Forum:

Un grand MERCI à Sedat pour ses réponses constructives et intelligentes. Et Bien sûr THX à tous les membres qui ont participé aux questions.

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