Musiciens: RawMan aka Romain Séo & Blanche aka Blanche Cabanel
Nationalité: Français (Paris)
Style Musical: Electro Rock
Label: Crydamoure, We Rock Music, Kitsuné
Date: 11/04/2009
Interviewer: DaftSide aka Ludovic Carminati
Designer: Pixel Hunter


Raw Man, French musician since the age of 13, then composer and producer, has always drawn two musical ways : rock and electro music. From 1998, his first house records are released on respective labels of Daft Punk: Roulé (Scratché) and Crydamoure. With Play Paul, Raw Man forms in these days The Buffalo Bunch (“Buffalo Club”), then he’ll use others names depending on his projects as We in Music or For the Floorz, before he founds in 2000 his own label We Rock Music to focus on his electro and house projects. Blanche is a French journalist and TV reports and documentaries director. In 2008, she writes and makes a documentary about the record industry crisis and the explosion of music on the web … EN SAVOIR PLUS

Interview exclu French Touch Forum:

Un grand MERCI à Blanche et Romain pour leurs réponses spontanées et instructives. Et Bien sûr THX à tous les membres qui ont participé aux questions.

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